Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hi Again!

Blogger!  My first love! 

Hi everyone, it's Roxy again!  Yes, I have had some wonderful, surprising success with my blog The Halloween Honey, which started out as a Blogger blog, so it is so much fun for me to be back using this format once again, it's easy and free!  So, here I am, creating a sister blog to The Halloween Honey called Paranormal Parenting By The Halloween Honey.  Why, you may or may not ask? Well, here is why.  I have kids.  I am striving to raise these kids in a certain way. and while I occassionally seek out "Mommy Blogs" I am often left disappointed with what I come across in the Mommy Blog world.  I don't think I have something radical to offer to the Mommy Blog world, I just think a lot of us who think a little differently are sort of left out when it comes to representation in the this particular internet universe. 

I also find myself writing about my kids quite a bit on The Halloween Honey, not that I don't feel it isn't appropriate for that particular space, I just think those non-parents who are readers of mine just don't care, and I respect that.  Kids aren't for everyone.  Hearing about other people's kids, especially if you are childless, can be boring and tedious and really give one an exercise in perfecting the fake, polite smile and head nod.  So, in this space, I can go on and on and on about my kids and not worry about alienating those who come to my site purely for the paranormal, Halloween and spookiness.

I am going to start out Paranormal Parenting by adding a few of my Halloween Honey blogs that are specifically about my kids but then new content will be added that won't necessarily be on The Halloween Honey, but if you like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, The Halloween Honey and Paranormal Parenting will both be properly pimped in those already existing social media accounts ;) 

So, here we go!  I hope you enjoy readinf Paranormal Parenting as much as I enjoy writing it! 


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